Temperature sensing

The emonPi supports temperature sensing using DS18B20 one-wire digital temperature sensors. The standard firmware on the emonPi supports up to 6x temperature sensors.

The emonPi has a special RJ45 socket to which either a single RJ45 DS18B20 temperature sensor can be connected directly or multiple sensors can be connected via either a RJ45 breakout board or terminal block breakout board.

Example: 4x temperature sensors and a RJ45 breakout


RJ45 Pinout

The RJ45 implements a standard pinout used by other manufacturers of DS18B20 temperate sensing hardware such as Sheepwalk Electronics.


Note: The RJ45 socket does not support power supply switching via Dig19 (ADC5) as described above.

Further reading

If you are using temperature sensors with heating systems such as heat pumps the following blog post by John Cantor provides a number of useful mounting suggestions: John Cantor’s Blog: Temperature sensors for monitoring heat pumps